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Smart Grant Public Benefit Foundation


The goal and operation of the Foundation:

The main goal of the Foundation: To establish the culture of smart granting in Hungary, especially in the Central-Transdanubian region based on the founder’s long term experience.

The goals of the Foundation:

Assisting and supporting socially, and due to other causes, discriminated young people and families in order to achieve the following objectives:

1. To promote participation in education and training programs through scholarships and other activities.

2. To collect and provide financial and material donations to the target group.

For this purpose we support those people who have superior talent, and those to whom it is difficult to succeed in the labour market due to their age or living conditions.


General activities:

The Foundation aims to improve the living conditions of Hungarian under-privileged young people and families living especially in the Central-Transdanubian region. To complete this target the foundation carries out fundraising and public information services.

The Foundation does business only with secondary nature. Any business activities of the Foundation help to accomplish its public benefit purposes and do not endanger them.


  • Organizing fundraising campaigns
  • Services: information and client services, donation management
  • Operating application and donor systems
  • Fund serving
  • Dissemination of information (presentations, public information)
  • Nonprofit information service
  • Research and science activities
  • Publication
  • Publication of documents
  • Office service

The Foundation is a public benefit organization; its public benefit grade is of public utility.

The Foundation’s public benefit activities according to the year 1997. CLVI. Law (Khtv.) 26.§ c) are:

-Social activity, family support (2)

-Research and Science activities (3)

-Education, skills development, lectures (4)

-Cultural activities (5)

-Facilitate underprivileged groups’ social equality (11)

-Helping to train and find a job for discriminated social groups and related services (18)

-Euro-Atlantic integration support

-Providing services which are available only for public benefit organizations (20)


The Foundation is not engaged in direct political activities and parties; does not provide financial support to candidates and their support is not accepted either.

The public services of the Foundation are open to anybody, who acts in accordance with its statutory objectives.

The Foundation does not participate in investment activities and for this reason investment regulations are not drawn.

The Foundation is open, so any Hungarian or foreign legal entities and individuals, organizations or associations without legal personality can donate cash, values and property rights and activities.

The Foundation has the right with the board’s decision to reject the join.